Organic Coffees

Java Planet Certified Organic Coffees

With today’s growing demand for organic foods, Stan’s Coffee and Food Service is excited to now be selling certified organic coffee through Java Planet.  Java Planet is a premier roasting company that offers 100% USDA Certified and Fair Trade Certified coffees.  You can choose from the list of highest quality blends including:

  • Costa Rica Organic– a dark roast with a rich taste of nut, berry and chocolate.
  • Black Magic organic blend– a medium dark roast with a rich deep aroma and full body made with coffees from Indonesia and South and Central America.
  • Sumatra Indonesia Organic– a smooth, dark full-bodied roast with hints of chocolate and caramel.
  • Good Morning Organic Blend a medium roast made with coffees from South America.  This balanced full-bodied cup of coffee is perfect for those tired mornings.

If you are interested in trying our new Organic coffees, contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

2015 Bonita Blues Festival

On March 6th and 7th 2015, Stan’s had the opportunity to participate in the Bonita Blues Festival.  Over the past 7 years, this event has raised over $76,000 to donate to three charities.  While enjoying the music from 11 different bands, we sold coffee, lemonade, and other refreshments to the crowd of over 3000 people.  Doing this, the company was able to raise $734 which will be donated to this years featured charities which are Golisano Children’s Hospital Music Therapy Program, the Music for Minors Foundation of Lee and Collier Counties, and the Bonita Springs Assistance Office.

We had a blast participating in this event.  Customers from past years of the festival were excited to see Stan’s participating again. Our Organic Mexican Chiapas coffee was very well received, customers loved it.  We are grateful to have raised the most money at the Bonita Blues Festival that we ever have in the past, and can’t wait to continue participating in future years.

For more information on the Bonita Blues Festival and its charities, you can go to

Stan’s Own Signature Roasted Coffees

Stan’s blends are roasted to exacting standards offering consistent flavor and quality with every cup.

Stan’s Signature Coffee

This is 100% Columbian world class coffee blended from various crops of the finest Columbian beans, resulting in the same full-bodied flavor, pot after pot. It has a rich, sweet aroma without being harsh or bitter. Our signature coffee is available in ground roast and whole bean.

Stan’s Select Blend Coffee

Stan’s Select Coffee is the premium blend chosen by many food service operators. It is made up of primarily Central and South American mild Arabica beans, blended with a small amount of robustas for balance and a rich, hearty flavor your customers will enjoy. It is available in ground roast and whole bean.

Stan’s Special Blend Coffee

Stan’s Special Blend was created with a balanced blend of Central and South American mild Arabic beans, with robustas added for hearty body and full flavor. The special roasting process “plumps up” the beans to expose more brewing surface and deliver more brewed coffee per ounce. This value blend is available in ground roast only.

Stan’s Special Decaffeinated Blend Coffee

Stan’s Decaffeinated Blend offers your customers the great taste of our finest blends without the caffeine. Our rich-bodied, full-flavored naturally decaffeinated coffee is available in ground roast and whole bean.

Despite fire, Stan’s Coffee Thriving One Year Later

In Lehigh Acres, the smoke could be seen from miles away when Stan’s Coffee went up in flames. A year later, we spoke with the owners of the distribution company to see where they are today. The damage from the fire destroyed everything inside the 35,000 square foot warehouse – thousands of grocery items. But just because everything was lost doesn’t mean business stopped. Now a year later, Stan’s Coffee is still working hard to put the pieces back together. Matt Smith, Vice President of Stan’s Coffee, lost everything when the home to the coffee distributor was destroyed in a fire. “Not a bag to sell, a rack filled not a bottle,” he said. But now, bags of coffee and bottles of product are plentiful. “Things have been progressing and we really haven’t lost a beat to the fire and what we have done,” Smith said. The fire broke out on Sunday, July 10. Smith had a temporary building secured just three days later. Employees were shipping orders out to local restaurants and stores the next day. “It was really nice to go back and go back that fast,” Smith said. And just as quickly as orders were shipped out, the warehouse is being rebuilt back in the same location in Lehigh Acres. It’s the same blueprint with some minor changes after firefighters ruled it accidental – caused by an electrical spark. “More policies in place as far as configuration of electrics near our racking,” Smith said. He says they didn’t lose any customers and no employees lost their job. In fact, he said, they actually added to their product line. “We are doing special coffees that are origin specific and blends from around the world that not everyone offers,” he said. The owners say their new permanent facility should open at the end of September. They will also have a grand re-opening for all of their customers.

Jul 11, 2012 | By Sara Miles, Reporter | | Full Article Here